Designer Retreat - Rebecca Hay

Learnings of a conference with the comforts of a retreat

Come away with us, refresh your perspective, and immerse yourself in a community of like-minded design business owners like no other. 

This retreat will be the perfect combination of social networking, learning, and relaxation. 


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Can you imagine…

Stealing a few days away, sipping cocoa by the fire, and taking a moment to assess your vision and goals.

Learning fresh ideas to improve your marketing, finances, and business mindset.

Connecting with lifelong designer pals in a nurturing environment.

Returning to work refreshed, intentional, and equipped to take your business forward.

Getting to experience a luxurious retreat on your company’s dime! (Don’t forget it’s a business expense!)

This is your opportunity to share stories by the fire, meet and build new friendships and strategically plan how you want to run your business in a supportive and collaborative environment.

You will experience a soul-filled, knowledge-packed, and community-driven getaway so that you’ll return to work with a new frame of mind and renewed enthusiasm. 

This 3-day retreat will be an incubator like no other. 

In these intensive workshops you will learn:
  • Typical project costs and how to estimate budgets for clients. 
  • How to calculate your design fee & price your services for profit.
  • Why product markups are essential to profitability and client happiness. 
  • How to have those difficult conversations with clients about money!
  • The exact way to set annual goals with intention.

You will walk away from these 3 days with the knowledge that you’re estimating projects accurately and pricing your services for profit every time. You will have the exact templates, calculators & scripts to help you earn exceptional trust from your clients.

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