Power of Process Spring 2024 - Rebecca Hay

Power of Process is YOUR Step-by-STEp guide to building a design business you love!

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Power of Process is YOUR Step-by-STEp guide to building a design business you love!

Secure your spot today for our next cohort starting April 19th, 2024. Space is limited!

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You’re in the right place if you’re itching to go

From Chaos to Coordinated

Running a design business can be frustrating. And exhausting!

When I first started my business I was beyond time-strapped… There was so much to juggle. And everything seemed a lot harder than it should be.

It was an endless cycle for years. 


Once I started following a repeatable process, I had the confidence I needed to show up as the design professional I always wanted to be. Now, I’m in charge, not my client and I run the show every time. And now I’m sharing exactly what I changed in my business with you.

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The biggest thing I’ve learned in 9 years of building a successful design business is:

Change IS possible. You DO have the time.

It CAN work!



Hi, I’m Rebecca!

Believe me when I tell you – I’ve made a lot of mistakes!

I went from working on small and stressful projects with zero profitability to working on $1.5M projects with clients I love, creating projects that inspire me. The 7-figure revenue is just a nice bonus!

I created this online course to help interior design firm owners who are early in their business and are feeling like: 

“I didn’t go to business school… How I do make this profitable?” 

So I teach them, what took me almost 10 years to figure out. Now I’m at a place where I only work 15  hours a week in my design firm. 

It’s my mission to give design firm owners the tools & the confidence they need to achieve their goals.

It’s easy. It works. And you can do it too!

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Can you Imagine…

Running all your projects with a streamlined, repeatable process, no more “winging it”?

Every client becoming a raving fan and a continuous referral source? 

Finishing a job with the same energy level you started it with?

Increasing your profits so you can enjoy the life you want? 


If you said “YES!!” to any of these, then POP is the place for you!

Power of Process is a self-paced course combined with 6 weeks of LIVE support… AND a private community to keep you accountable!

Unlike other choices you may be considering, POP is more than a course!

It’s LIFETIME access to your materials PLUS an open-door invitation to join the LIVE coaching and community during every single cohort, so you can revisit your processes year after year.

If you want to…

Have more time and structure to your days without feeling pulled in multiple directions.​

Elevate your brand and attract higher-paying clients.​

Implement a process that works for each project…no matter how unique it is!

Price your services so you make a profit and can reinvest in your business.

*It’s ok if it feels like you’ve been on the STRUGGLE BUS! Like you don’t know where to start, or how to make things better. You are not alone. There is a better way. And you’ll discover it inside Power of Process.

Power of Process is the answer you’ve been looking for!

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The next Power of Process cohort starts April 19th, 2024. 

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“I am so impressed by this course! Rebecca, you are so personable and easy to talk to and are teaching from experience, which makes all the difference. This course has gotten me excited to tackle so many aspects of my business. It has given me more confidence to choose my clients carefully and command more money for my time and expertise.”

Ariella Arazi – Arazi Design Studio, Montreal

“I always appreciate any aspect with real insider perspectives that are harder to find through online research. Rebecca you are so generous with what you share and it encourages the group to share openly too. The chance to chat with other designers in various types of businesses and stages of growth was a huge benefit to taking part in this program too.

Sarah Grant – Sarah Grant Interiors, Kelowna BC

“POP was exactly what I was looking for to help me refine my business strategies, and get myself organized so that I can offer the best experience to my clients.  would highly recommend taking the course if you’re a designer looking to level up your business and feel truly confident in what you do!”


Victoria Harrison – Victoria Harrison Design, Kitchener

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JOIN ME & over 200 alumni INSiDE

Power of Process

You’ll discover how to create your own system to: 

Gain control of your time. 

Organize your design projects.

Increase your revenue.

Eliminate the chaos that comes with running a design business.


Pre-recorded lessons, strategy sheets, bonus trainings, and a LIVE community to support you on your journey…and help keep you accountable. I personally show up every week for 6 weeks LIVE with you to answer all your burning questions.

reserve your seat now 

$2497 USD

The next Power of Process cohort starts April 19th, 2024. 

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Power of Process (aka POP) is right for you if…

You have a design, decorating, or staging business and want to increase your profits.

You know there’s got to be a better way than what you’re doing now.

You want to start taking on larger, more lucrative projects.

You’re beyond ready to get control of your business and life!

You’re motivated as heck to put a plan into action and you’re willing to do the work.

As design professionals, we all want the same thing: to have a successful thriving business we love

But design school didn’t prepare us for the business side of running a successful design firm.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside

Power of Process


In this pre-course module, you’ll set yourself up for success within the course and dive into two powerful mindset lessons. This will be the foundation for the course and for the trajectory of your business. You’ll experience a guided visualization exercise that’ll help you cast a vision for the future. You will also learn how to uncover your strengths and develop your unique value proposition.

Module 1
Identify your Client Avatar

Clients are everything in a service-based business! In this module, you will learn the essential steps to define the ideal client that you want to serve and create a compelling client profile. You’ll also connect the dots between you and your client by identifying their pain points, selecting your core offering, and finding ways to connect the two.

By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of your ideal client and know exactly how to engage and serve them effectively.

Module 2
Pitching Clients & The onboarding system

How you start will set the tone! In this module, you will master the art of pitching clients. You’ll explore the intricacies of creating an effective onboarding process, the harmony that comes from pre-qualify your clients. Learn the best practices for conducting Discovery Calls, how to keep leads engaged with email nurture sequences, and master consultations that convert prospects into paying clients!

In the end, you’ll have a comprehensive toolkit for acquiring, engaging and successfully onboarding clients!

Module 3
The Art of Delivering Your Design Service

In this module, you’ll gain insight into every aspect of delivering outstanding design services. You’ll begin by learning the importance of establishing standard operating procedures to streamline your business. You’ll then learn how to effectively kick-off projects, create curated project budgets, master the art of running successful client presentations, and skillfully handle client revisions.

By then end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to elevate your design services to new heights and ensure client satisfaction throughout the creative process.

Module 4
The Art of Implementing Your Design

In this module, you’ll delve into the critical aspects of bringing your design to life. You’ll explore lessons on reselling products to clients, mastering best practices for ordering products, and effectively navigating site visits. You’ll also learn how to prepare for an unforgettable and impactful reveal day, and finally how to close out each project as positively as you began.

In the end, you’ll have the skills to execute your design projects seamlessly, ensure a good client journey and project success!

Module 5
Crafting your unique process

In this module, you’ll embark on a journey to create and refine your unique process. You’ll learn how to systematically outline your steps, label and name your process for clarity and branding, draft clear and concise descriptions, and develop a visually engaging flow chart to illustrate your process effectively.

By the end, you’ll walk away with a new and streamlined way of doing things in your design business that will set you apart from the crowd.

Module 6
Client Management

In this module, you’ll master the art of fostering strong client relationships and ensuring smooth project management. You’ll learn the best practices for effective client communication and understand the benefits of creating supporting documents. You’ll also discover the importance of a comprehensive contract, and managing client payment schedules for financial clarity. Lastly, you’ll learn how to request and leverage client feedback to spread the word.

By the end, you’ll have the skills and strategies to excel in client management, setting the stage for long-lasing relationships and positive referrals.

You’ll also get these sweet bonuses…

Bonus #1
Private Podcast – today with Rebecca Hay

A limited edition private podcast series delivered throughout the duration of the course. Access every POP module lesson on-the-go, listen to bonus hear real-life stories from my own business, candid conversations with POP Alumni, and tips to keep you motivated and on track!

Bonus #2
‘tools of the trade’ Training

Discover how you can use technology to keep your business organized! In this recorded training, you’ll learn about key programs that can help you document and follow your process, the pros and cons of each program, and the exact tools I use to eliminate the chaos in my business. 

Bonus #3
Camera Confident: Develop an engaging video presence to attract your ideal clients with Shirlee Engel

A magnetic video presence is the most effective way to attract leads and sales. But how do you know what to say, how to say it, and how to create buzz around your brand?

As a former television reporter-turned-design entrepreneur, Shirlee knows what it takes to capture an audience’s attention, tell a great story and turn total strangers into raving fans who can’t wait to work with you. In this live training, Shirlee will walk you through her signature step-by-step framework for getting camera ready so you can convert on video, book speaking gigs, and become the go-to authority in your niche.

Bonus #4
Automating your client Experience with Charlotte Issac

A recorded training to help you AUTOMATE YOUR CLIENT EXPERIENCE led by Business Operations Consultant, Charlotte Issac. Dive into the heart of efficiency with Charlotte as she expertly guides you through leveraging Dubsado, the premier online tool for interior designers. This bonus training isn’t just instruction—it’s a roadmap to elevating your client interactions, streamlining your processes, and setting your business apart. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your service offering and delight your clients with seamless, automated experiences.

Plus, we’re here to support you LIVE!

Live Study Hall Sessions

Hop on a call with your fellow POPers every week to keep yourself moving forward! Get all your questions answered while we work together to get your process perfected…maybe you’ll even meet your business bestie!

Private Community

You also get access to our private, members-only Facebook group. You’ll find the community (and accountability) you’ve been looking for. Finally, a place where you can ask all your questions and share resources with other designers. 

reserve your seat now 

$2,497 USD

The next Power of Process cohort starts April 19th, 2024. 

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Find out more about what the POP Alumni have to say



“I launched my business in January of this year and joined POP right away to start my business on the right track. I didn’t even have any clients yet! Since developing my process and putting it out into the world on my social media and website, I have booked 3 Designer for Day clients AND my first commercial full-service design client!! I also have steady inquiries coming through. The outcome has been absolutely incredible and I truly believe the knowledge of a strong process and creating relationships within the design community will catapult my business in the long run. THANK YOU!!””

Victoria Leask – House of Albi

I feel more organized, prepared, and confident in my discussions with clients and peers. I feel like it was not just from Rebecca, but also from other designers during breakout sessions or Q&A zoom days, that I learned so much more than I anticipated. Even questions that I had but struggled to ask were asked and answered by the others and Rebecca. Each designer’s journey is unique so it was great to gain perspective on how to deal with differing issues that may arise along the way in my own business. Now I feel inspired, proud, and confident !!!!”

Zora Gushevski – Zora & Co Design





let’s do this!


By the end of Power of Process, you will have…

Outlined the steps of your process, like a pro

You’ll master the art of systems! Finally, move away from the chaos and create a process you can repeat with every single project.

Created internal checklists.

Get super organized! Your checklists will become your guidebook…it’ll keep you (and your future employees) on track.

Expertly built a client journey that will WOW.

You’ll anticipate their needs and find ways to serve them in your own unique way before they even need to ask.

Leveraged a mix of client communication strategies to effectively create raving fan clients.

You’ll walk away with the tools you need to service a high-end client who will rave about your services and send you referral clients.


secure my seat. I’m so ready!

“Thank you for helping me put an amazing process in place! I have been running my business on my own and struggled to implement a process for myself and my employees.

Power of Process completely CHANGED my life and I am so thankful for it!”

Lisa Kooistra – Lisa Kooistra Designs, Toronto

My guarantee to you…

Try the course! If you join and aren’t satisfied, show me your completed strategy sheets within 14 days, and I’ll gladly refund your money.

Burning Questions (FAQS)

First, let’s do a little dance…you made an incredibly amazing decision for your business, so you should celebrate! When you’re done shaking your groove, check your inbox right away for your invite to Power of Process (aka POP). This email will confirm your enrollment and guide you through the POP Members Portal. It’ll also have the link to join our Private Facebook Group. Once you log into your portal, start by watching the welcome video. Then dive right into the pre-course work! It’s available immediately so you can get started right away - gotta keep that excited momentum going! The course officially begins with our Welcome Ceremony, so don't forget to sync the POP calendar to yours!
As soon as you enroll you will get an email with LOGIN instructions. Once you login, you’ll find the PRE-COURSE lessons waiting for you to dive-in so that you can get started right away. The course will officially kick off with the opening ceremonies and then we release one module per week so that everyone goes through the content together! Think summer camp but with the added bonus that you’ll make more money when it's done!
You’re in the right place! Our Start from Scratch BONUS is going to be perfect for you. We’ve had loads of students take the course who were just starting their businesses, and they are the ones who make the biggest transformations. I wish I had found a course like this when I started my business over 10 years ago! POP is helpful no matter what stage you’re at on your entrepreneurial journey. You also get connected with other designers at various stages of their business journey who will help you along the way!
I’m going to answer that with my own question…How successful do you want to be? With POP, like anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. Every week a new module is released inside your members portal. They vary in length and complexity. I recommend you block out 3-4 hours a week to do the coursework and participate in the community with your fellow members. Ultimately, the pace you go - just like your level of success - is completely up to you.
The LIVE component of POP is what makes this program unique. Rebecca shows up live inside the private POP Facebook group every week to answer your questions during the LIVE Study Hall sessions.
Don’t worry, we have your back! All Study Hall sessions are streamed directly into the private POP Facebook group so you can catch up when you're available. You also have the opportunity to submit questions in advance, so even if you can't attend live, Rebecca can answer your questions!
I totally get it! Time is so precious and we want to give it our all. The great news is with Power of Process, you have Lifetime Access. You can go at your own pace. Always. So, there is no such thing as “falling behind.” Also, when we launch the program again you will get access to updates without paying the new price, no matter how much it may increase. Maybe what you should ask yourself is: “What amazing things will happen if I commit to doing this work?” I can’t wait to find out with you!
Overwhelm happens at the best of times, and to the best of us. Because I squeeze a lot of knowledge and resources into the modules, I hope you’ll be motivated by my constant guidance. Between the private Facebook Group and the Live Study Hall Q&A sessions there is always someone there to support you. Team POP has your back! Plus, I’ve organized the modules to be step-by-step and bite-sized to make perfecting your process easy-peasy.
POP is impactful no matter where you are on your design business journey. In fact, I’ve discovered that many “fresh outta design school” POP members have an easier time implementing what they learn because they don’t have any bad habits to break. Since you’ll have access to POP for the lifetime of the course, you’ll always be able to refer back to it as you and your business grow. Over a decade in the industry means I’ve learned a lot of lessons…many of them the hard way. I’d love to help you avoid them from the start.
Yes! This course is a great foundation for any creative entrepreneur. POP is customized for interior designers. The content is focused on running a thriving, successful interior design business. But many concepts we cover – vision casting; finding your strengths; identifying your ideal client; defining your internal process; developing an elevated client experience – apply to all creative entrepreneurs. Most members are interior designers, stagers, or decorators, but all are welcome! While we don’t customize the program to other specialties, we’d be happy to have you join us and apply what you discover inside to your industry.
Well, in a word: community. I care about you as a designer. I care about my community. I know my goal with this program, and it isn’t about promoting the “mean girl” culture we so often encounter in our industry. When it’s more about helping people and changing the way things are usually done in the design community, the price point can be lower. Since money can be a deterrent (especially if you are struggling with your business or fresh out of school) I truly want this to be accessible to everyone who needs it. You will have EVERYTHING you need to set yourself up for success in a seriously short time frame - and get great feedback and testimonials from your clients - when you sign up for POP.
Short answer: Dive in and try it! Long answer: I’m not in the business of putting anyone in debt. I’m here to help you succeed! It’s time to elevate your business and brand…in order to do that, you have to invest in yourself. I’ve intentionally kept POP at a reasonable price because your success means SO much to me. But I understand if it’s a scary leap for you. That’s why I include my guarantee. If you do the work and you’re still not satisfied, show me your work within 14 days of enrolling and I’ll gladly give you a refund. No questions asked.
My team and I are all ears! Reach out at any time to hello@rebeccahay.com and we’ll provide you with the clarity you’re looking for.

One-Time Payment of

$2,497 USD

I’m in!

6-monthly payments of

$449 USD

Yes, Please!

I can’t wait to see you inside Power of Process.

xo, Rebecca

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