Today’s episode is a juicy one as I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Amira Alvarez all about the psychology of success and how to identify the barriers that are stopping you from achieving your dreams and full potential in life.

About Amira Alvarez

Amira Alvarez is the founder and CEO of The Unstoppable Woman, a global coaching company helping entrepreneurs, empire builders, and rising stars in all fields achieve their goals and dreams faster than they ever believed possible.

She is a former victor of the hamster wheel that so many entrepreneurs get stuck on, and knows all too well what it’s like to be seduced by the momentary sense of accomplishment one feels when a project is finished or a sale is closed. That’s why she’s made it her mission to provide clear strategies for anyone to take their business to the next level – without sacrificing their inner peace along the way.

Amira and I had an insightful conversation about being a parent and about the impact of how we were parented ourselves. We also talked immensely about what she calls “terror barriers”, which are the deep reasons why you may not have yet achieved your dreams and goals, or are living at your full potential.

Oftentimes due to our past experiences and personal barriers, we put off taking action because our subconscious says it can’t happen until “later”. But if we don’t focus on our invisible barriers, put down actual dates of when goals need to be met, and actually hold ourselves accountable to them, we may miss opportunities and our chance to fulfill our calling and true potential in business and in life.

Through the episode, we also talked about sales, and how entrepreneurial freedom comes from mental and emotional freedom but also financial freedom. It is incredibly important for a business person to understand and become good at money.

Amira also provides an understanding of how we should view compensation. Compensation is made up of 3 things:

  1. The NEED for what you do

  2. The ABILITY you have to do it;

  3. The difficulty in REPLACING you

This episode is full of insight and amazing takeaways! Every topic in our chat resonated with me on a deep level that it left me energized to make my own life decision – sooner than I intended!

What people desire, desires them. Be aware of what’s stopping you from acting on your desires, and do whatever is necessary to stay unstoppable in the pursuit of your desires. You can’t let yourself be stopped by all those fears that are invisible.

Amira Alvarez

You can find Amira at, on her own podcast, The Unstoppable Woman Podcast, and in her Facebook group Be Unstoppable.