We’re back from our little break with a bonus episode for you about the power of finding a niche and pinpointing what makes you and your business unique.

Have you ever heard the saying “The Riches are in the Niches”? This means that the more you focus on your target audience to be a very specific group, the more success you will have reaching these people, connecting with them, and converting them into paying clients.

When I talk about this in my courses, Power of Process and Momentum Marketing, one question always pops up “What happens if I niche down? I don’t only have 1 type of client that I like or want to work with. Do I say no to all those that don’t fit in with the target client I’m striving towards?”

Finding a niche is not about limiting yourself but about finding the common denominator between you and a group of possible clientele that have similar interests. You can still serve everyone, but when you market your business it’s easier to talk to one type of person than try to be everyone’s cup of tea and reel no one in.

In this episode, I talk about how finding a niche is less about looking out to your audience and actually starts by looking within and finding what makes you and your business unique. First finding what makes you genuinely unique, will ensure that when you are communicating to your niche market, you are authentic and are more able to connect and develop relationships with potential clients. Listen to the full episode as I share how I went about finding what made my business unique and developing my niche.