In this episode, I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with the intelligent and bubbly Sarah Bilicki to talk about her business journey and all of the changes that she has implemented since she started actively focusing on systemizing her business. 

Sarah Bilicki

About Sarah Bilicki

Sarah is the Principal Designer of Sarah Elizabeth Design + interiors, a residential design studio based out of the west end of Toronto, Canada, with a focus on custom kitchens and bespoke renovations. Sarah’s background in a variety of design fields has led her to develop a true passion for residential design.

“There’s something special about creating homes and interior spaces that provide for the people who live in them”.

Sarah values the time, effort, and investment that is required when developing spaces that enhance homeowners’ everyday lives. She creates amazingly beautiful and personal spaces that above all else function while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“I’m here to help homeowners envision the true beauty of their home.”

Throughout the episode, Sarah shares how 5 years ago she was working on an hourly rate with only a spreadsheet and NO process! She never really used to think about her business as a service. But because of the chaos, she realized something had to change and she started investing and dedicating time to work ON her business instead of spending all her time working IN her business. 

She shares her experience with taking my signature course Power of Process, as well as her takeaways from being a continual member of my inner community, Designers Room. Sarah shares the changes she’s made in her business that has made a world of difference. She now has phases and steps, client-facing documents, internal documents to keep her accountable throughout the entire process.

Sarah has an infectious personality and has made leaps and bounds in growing her business and further shares her goals and plans for the upcoming year! 

You just need to start. It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the business a long time or you’re just starting out. Wherever you are, just start and you’ll see growth. Dedicate that time to business growth and you’ll see growth for sure.

Sarah Bilicki

You can find Sarah at and on Instagram @sarahelizabethdesigninteriors.