In this episode, I sit down with Tiffany Leigh of Tiffany Leigh Design to talk about the importance of knowing your value as a designer, how to express that value to clients and how to build your brand to build your confidence.

About Tiffany Leigh

Tiffany is the owner and principal designer of Tiffany Leigh Design, a design firm based in the Lake Simcoe area where she and her partner Luke just purchased their first home – a lakehouse that they are lovingly renovating. Tiffany is known for her coastal style which blends California cool with rustic prairie elements, neutral colour palette and infusion of vintage accessories. TLD was founded in 2019 and has been featured in major publications like House and Home, Style at Home, Rue, Domino, and many more. 

Tiffany shares so many great nuggets of wisdom about how you need to invest in yourself, hire a team early, and what she did to grow her Instagram following.

Her trick for not letting new leads slip through the cracks might surprise!

We talk about the importance of your brand touch-points and how all of the documents you send need to look pretty.

She has grown her Instagram following through pretty pictures and multiple collaborations. She shares her recent collaboration with the Home Depot and Autumn Hachey to design her own beach house.

We even get into all of the good things she learned from working for celebrity designer Sarah Richardson!


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