Interview with Nikki Nash

It’s been awhile since I talked about marketing with another individual as passionate as today’s guest! I sat down with Nikki Nash to talk about how you can market your unique self, stay authentic the entire way through, and develop a strategy that works to fit that.

Nikki Nash is a Podcast Host, Hay House author, motivational speaker, and creator of the Genius Profit Society, a training and development program on a mission to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and resources they need to share and profit from their message.

Through the episode, Nikki and I talked about how staying authentic and finding a marketing strategy that works for YOU, is the best way to tackle marketing your business. What might have worked for one person, doesn’t mean it’ll also work for you. Marketing is very personal. You can listen to the strategies that have worked for people in the past, but until you try them out over and over again and tweaking them to fit your authentic self, there is no way of knowing the same strategies will work for you.

Nikki shared a lot about developing a foundation prior to marketing. You need to know the basics: who you’re marketing to, how are they spending their time, how are you going to connect, and any other foundational details that can help you develop a plan. A marketing plan is less about the tactics and more about building a foundation to answer all of your who, what, where, when, how, and why. Nikki also explains that you don’t have to do it all – you don’t have to be on all of the platforms, doing all the things. Choose 1 platform and 1 way to bring clients in, and focus on that until you perfect it before you take on something else.

Nikki’s Words of Wisdom:

Marketing and building your brand is not as complicated as people make it seem. More often than not its more a mindset game than a marketing problem!

You can find Nikki at, and on instagram @nikkinashofficial.