Interview with Robbin Caskenette

In this bonus episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with fellow designer and Momentum Alumni, Robbin Caskenette. 

Robbin Caskenette is the principal designer and owner of Robbin Caskenette Interiors in Markham, Ontario. Last summer, Robbin took part in my inaugural course, Momentum Challenge (now named Momentum Marketing), followed by Power of Process, and is also part of my exclusive design community.

Since Robbin began strongly investing in herself and in her business, she has been steadily growing her business and transforming her mindset. Robbin went from being a stay a home mom to becoming a successful creative entrepreneur in the design industry.

Through the episode, Robbin shares how being part of online courses and a community of like-minded individuals has really helped her become aware of how she needed to change her business, and that’s half the battle – Identifying what needs to change and improve.

Robbin also shares that although she is keen to share and is comfortable being active in the community, there are those who aren’t. Having a safe space to listen and take in information from others is super important when you’re growing your business. Hearing what other people have experienced, helps to put things into perspective as an entrepreneur – especially because sometimes it feels like you’re on a lonely island.  There is so much to be said for showing up and being part of a community.

You can find Robbin at or on Instagram @robbincaskenetteinteriors