Resilient by Design Podcast celebrates its 1st birthday!
Interview – Alaa Yassin

This episode is a special one for many reasons:

  1. This is episode 60!
  2. I got to interview Alaa Yassin, a talented local designer and lovely past student of mine.
  3. This week marks our podcast’s 1 year anniversary! (Can you believe it?! )

In this episode, Alaa and I chatted about the importance of mindset, the turbulence of running a design business through a global pandemic, and how to pull yourself out of the comparison trap and focus on collaboration within the community.

Introducing our guest:

Alaa Yassin is the founder of Interiors by Luli, an award-winning interior decorating and design studio. Her work is recognized by compelling transitional and modern classic interiors. Alaa approaches her design process with a thoughtful understanding of client’s unique lifestyle demands, passions, and goals. But in order to focus on her clients’ needs and her business growth, she knows mindset is everything. It’s not easy but it’s a work in progress, especially during these difficult times.

Throughout the episode, Alaa and I talked about how we met and the social media facade of being a “perfect Pinterest Mom”, and the way that designers are perceived.

We delved deep into what it means to have a healthy and positive mindset. There’s a lot of talk about staying positive, always seeing the good, finding solutions and looking for the silver lining, but the mindset is about focus and being in control of yourself. It’s about setting up healthy habits and routines but giving yourself the permission to be flexible. It’s incredibly helpful to recognize the difference when someone using toxic positivity and when someone is genuine.

Alaa also speaks to recognizing your personal worth and not allowing others to distract you and derail you. When you recognize your worth and focus on growth that’s when good things will happen. At the end of our conversation, I asked Alaa to share one final nugget of wisdom and she more than delivered.

Growth is on the other side of uncomfortable. When you push yourself out of your comfort zone, when you feel nervous, that’s when exciting things happen.

You can find Alaa at, on Instagram @interiorsbyluli, and on Facebook at Interiors by Luli