Interview – my clients Kelly & Glen Patchet

This episode is SUPER special because it’s one that I didn’t think I would ever have a chance to do – I interviewed my actual clients! I’m over the moon dreaming about this opportunity and this episode!

Kelly & Glen Patchet, founders of Quarterback Digital, joined me to talk about the importance of marketing while sharing various marketing tactics, why they chose to work with me, AND what it was actually like to work with me and my team!

Kelly and Glen Patchet are Co-Founders of Quarterback Digital, a digital marketing agency in downtown Toronto. Serving clients across Canada and the US, they run the marketing efforts for their clients, driving traffic, generating leads and increasing sales for thought leaders and people who sell their expertise. Leading a team of marketing specialists Glen and Kelly are the marketing quarterbacks calling the plays for their clients.

Throughout our conversation, Kelly and Glen share the reason that they decided to work with my interior design company instead of anyone else  – it was my process! This really was amazing to hear because it solidified my belief that if you develop a unique process that works for you, follow it and communicate it to your potential ideal clients, it DOES make a difference and creates raving fan clients!

Further into our conversation, Kelly, Glen & I chat about the marketing. Marketing is incredibly important for any company, big or small, new or established. The more confident you are in the inner workings (process) of your business, the better suited you are to talk it up and market yourself to your ideal client. They shared some marketing tactics that you can use in a service based business.

Lastly, if you stick through to the end, you’ll also find out how Kelly & Glen felt when I informed them they had to pay for a consultation with me at the beginning of my process! I really hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did recording it!

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