Here’s what Mel Robbins has taught me: Confidence isn’t a personality trait, it’s a learned skill.

Today’s episode is all about how I learned to be confident in my process, and in turn, in my business. Being confident has nothing to do with being an extrovert, and those who lack confidence are not all introverts. Confidence is not dependent on your personality traits and whether you’re a social individual.

It’s not a surprise since I have this podcast, that I have the gift of the gab. But for years, I severely lacked confidence in myself and my business! In this episode, I share how I slowly trained myself to become confident in my business. Here’s a preview: it all started when I created my process and FOLLOWED it!

One big hint that you lack confidence is if everyone else (i.e clients and trades) is running your projects! In this episode, I talk about pushing past your comfort zone to implement your process and take back control of your business. After doing this a couple of times, it’ll become second nature to you… and guess what, you’ll just naturally learn how to be confident!

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