Today’s episode turned out to be a lesson and therapy session for myself about my very own home renovation.

I believe the saying goes “Do as I say not as I do” – and boy am I doing that to myself! My home reno has been in the back of my mind, off and on “in the works” for a few years. But this is the year I am FINALLY pulling the trigger. You’d think that with the solid process I have for my business that we use to run every project smoothly, that my own renovation would be simple as pie… but I’ve become my own worst client! I’m all over the place. In theory, I know the correct steps to take but I keep fumbling and second-guessing myself!

IIn today’s episode, I talk about the importance of sticking to your own process and how it is the difference between a dumpster fire of a project and a happily ever after and money-saving project. This episode ended being my wake up call to actually follow what I tell people to do. Instead of making my own life harder, I should stick to my process and simplify the challenge for my family and myself!