In today’s podcast, Sarah Walker and I take a deep dive into all things health, wellness, and sustainability with a special focus on how interior designers fit into the mix.

About Sarah Walker

Sarah is an internationally published designer based in Oakville, Ontario. As a renowned expert in healthy and sustainable design, Sarah’s passion is to help people use the power of interior design to improve their well-being and live their healthiest, happiest, most beautiful lives. To really give you a sense of how much knowledge Sarah has, she’s given herself the nickname “The Health Nerd”! (so cute!)

During this interview, Sarah shares the history of how she earned the title “The Canary in the Design Mines”, the shocking stats of how much our interiors affect our health, and a personal story about her fight with Lime Disease at the age of 23. Throughout the interview, I was amazed by the knowledge, strength, and gumption this amazing Mompreneur possesses.

We also touch upon the sustainable design movement and how much it has progressed over the years, as well as the unfortunate “Green Washing” that’s happening from companies that just want to jump on the bandwagon. Lastly, we go through various fabrics and which ones are good for your home and most importantly your health! (Quick surprise tidbit: regular cotton is not as good as I thought!) 


As promised in the episode, check out Sarah’s upcoming virtual masterclass on Healthy Bedroom Design here:

Click here to grab a copy of Sarah’s Detox guide: & you can find Sarah on Instagram @thecuratedhouse