This episode I’m checking back in with POP alum, Jocelyn Polce, to hear all about the massive transformations she’s had over the past year.

She shares what prompted the pivot and how a mindset shift allowed her to work remotely while visiting family this summer. Jocelyn is incredibly passionate about client connection and talks about strategies to find the ideal client along with some red flags she looks out for. Find out why she espouses the idea of “unicorn vs zebra” when it comes to trades and contractors and don’t miss her final nugget of wisdom!

About Jocelyn

Jocelyn is the owner and Principal Designer of August Oliver Interiors (A|O), a Connecticut-based interior design studio offering a full-service, turn-key design experience that is centered around telling each client’s unique story. Every aspect of the design – from the drawings down to the door handles – is coordinated, planned, and executed by their team.

The A|O goal is to create a classic room that will stand the test of time, evolve as life does and provide an elevated living experience – Yes, even when kids are involved! Her unique ability to find that delicate balance between living beautifully and functionally with a family stems from her most important role as mom to her 5 young boys.

Her energy is unmatched as is her ability to coordinate the construction chaos and design process. Jocelyn adheres strongly to the belief that communication is key and prides herself in using it with every client and contractor to make her projects run smoothly – on time and on budget. Jocelyn’s passion for travel and love of vintage treasures is what inspires every design.

You can find and connect with Jocelyn on Instagram or on her website