Lisa Canning is a true inspiration! She’s an author, speaker, coach, mom of eight spreading the word that motherhood doesn’t have to be so hard. She is my friend, my colleague, and my own coach and cheerleader.

In this episode, she and I share how we met (in HGTV) and how her career transitioned from TV host to scattered designer, to writing a book, and finally moving to Florida to pursue the life of her dreams.

About Lisa Canning

Lisa is an author, speaker, coach, and mom of eight, and she helps overwhelmed moms be GREAT moms while pursuing their dreams at the same time. She believes a mom can have it all, but they need to know the best way how. 

She shares her own struggles on the “comparison train” and how she reinvented her design business model before finally making the shift to become a coach. She’s been featured on The Today Show  The Hallmark ChannelMarilyn Dennis and so much more.

She has great wisdom to share. This episode will inspire you to reflect on your own life and business and hopefully give you the confidence to decide what success will look like for you.

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