Today’s episode is all about process and why every business needs one.

Process keeps you organized. Process reassures your clients that you’re not a fly by night designer. Process gives clients comfort in knowing what to expect. Process makes selling your services so much easier

Without a process your business and live can be Chaotic.

I share my story and how I never knew how many hours it would take or what to charge. My projects dragged on and on. Mistakes were made because I’d select one item and order and then the next item wasn’t available. But too late to change the first thing. Like a sofa fabric, I was ripe for change & knew that something had to give.

I tried a few processes. Process & billing have always gone hand in hand for me.

I share my own 7 step process. Whatever you decide, decide and implement it.

MY BEST ADVICE try not to veer away from your process too much.