In this episode, I walk you through we are planning to onboard our new hire! This episode is for you if you’re looking to take that next step to grow your team or bring on some help.

Recently my team went through a restructuring and we had to shift into hiring mode. If you’re interested in learning more about my experience with hiring, have a listen to episode 55 where I share 3 big hiring mistakes I’ve learned from.

I truly never worked corporate. My journey began working for an internationally-known design firm where my onboarding consisted of being thrown into the deep end and figuring it out along the way. Through my many hiring experiences over the years, I realized that no matter how experienced someone is they still need to be skillfully onboarded so that they learn about your business and seamlessly integrate into all that you do. In this episode, I share the exact steps that I took after I found the right candidate and walk you through the plan we’ve created to onboard our new hires as seamlessly as possible.