In this episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with the intelligent and talented Lisa Kooistra. We chatted about her entrepreneurial journey and how she went from working in survival mode to working with purpose and fulfillment.

About Lisa 

Lisa earned her interior design degree at Sheridan College and has worked under the tutelage of top industry designers to gain a wide knowledge of interior design, renovations, decor, and TV set design. In 2017, Lisa founded her own full-service interior design firm, Lisa Kooistra Designs (LKD), where her passion for design and signature style translates into every project she undertakes.

LKD offers a full range of services, from new builds and complete home renovations to interior design, furnishing/styling as well E-design, guiding clients through every step of the process. Lisa leads the LKD team and collaborates with York Renovations & Design Inc., complemented by a full roster of highly skilled trades, who work together to bring their designs and new builds to life.

Lisa candidly shares how she started her business because she was tired of executing someone else’s vision. But for many years it was a messy and confusing process because she lacked a process and clarity on what she was doing and where she wanted to take her business. She was operating in survival mode! 
After enrolling in Power of Process she felt guided, supported, and found herself focusing on understanding her ideal client and the vision she wanted for her business. Lisa now recognizes her own experience and expertise, has a process in place for the kind of business she wants to run and the life she wants to have, and is no longer operating in survival mode. 
Listen to the full episode to hear about Lisa’s journey and her experience with my Power of Process Course. 

Don’t bend your business to fit other people.

Lisa Kooistra
You can connect with Lisa on Instagram @lisakooistradesigns and at