This amazing episode with PR and visibility strategist Lisa Simone Richards is all about getting visible and how you can do it yourself!


About Lisa Simone Richards

Lisa Simone Richards is a PR & Visibility Strategist for online coaches who want to get seen everywhere.
Through her free workshops, masterclasses, and mentorship program, she gives you insider secrets on how to get exposure and reach more people without spinning your wheels on social media or wasting money on Facebook ads.
On weekends you can find her playing in the kitchen with her husband, petting ALL the dogs in the park, and watching way too many fashion styling videos on YouTube.

Through the episode, Lisa and I chat about the ABCs of PR which really made me think about my own visibility journey, where I’ve excelled, and where I could improve. Listen to the full episode for the juicy Ah-ha moments during our chat. 

Lisa shares why you want to have a healthy media mix so that people can consume their content to their preference, and how you can get free exposure!  If you’re looking to get your business noticed, this episode is for you!

Getting that first hit is gonna be the hardest. You’re gonna send a pitch out. You’re not gonna get a response. It’ll get deleted. You’re gonna feel disheartened. Don’t stop there. The first pitch is the hardest, but once you get a feature, a media snowball starts to roll from there.

Lisa Simone Richards

You can connect with Lisa on Instagram @lisasimonerichard or on her website You can also learn the best way for YOU to get visibility online as a coach at