Are you ready for part 2 of our Know your numbers series? Since the return of 1 was such a hit with our audience, we’re bringing you part 2!

In this rebroadcast, I’m joined by my Operations Manager, Merilee Wright, where we talk about what it costs to keep your doors open and business running month in and month out.

Throughout the episode, we cover what kind of items you can attribute as a business expense, what a “write-off” means, and the kind of audits designers can encounter. I also share my personal experience with being audited.

Merilee also shares what is a “run rate”, and how to determine it in your business.


Merilee is a former client of Rebecca’s and an accomplished business professional with a passion for coaching people and business owners to achieve their goals.
Skilled in reaching business objectives through alignment of business operations and employee and customer experience, Merilee has a reputation for making an impact. She is known for building high-performing teams and driving efficiency.

With over 30 years of increasingly senior roles in the consumer services, financial services, and retail industries, Merilee has a breadth of experience that includes strategy development, business operations, customer experience, coaching, and change management. Merilee has a unique ability to quickly understand complex environments and provide insight for both executive decision-making and staff implementation.

When she’s not helping business owners grow their businesses, you can find her on her sailboat!!!

Make friends with your numbers and your numbers will be your friends.

Merilee Wright