In this episode, I had the opportunity to have a candid conversation about mindset, boundaries, and processes with the talented and ever-resilient designer Jami Sparling.

About Jami Sparling

Jami Sparling is the Principal Designer and Creative Director of BryCo. Interiors

She officially turned her lifelong passion for interior design and decorating into a career when she founded BryCo. Interiors in 2019, leaving an 11-year career as a Paramedic, behind.

Jami now operates BryCo Interiors alongside her husband Brad, and offers Full-Service Interior Design & Decorating in London and surrounding areas. Since starting, she quickly realized the benefit of having a team… thanks to reading many business books! They now have a team of 5, a 3000 sq ft warehouse with a design studio, and even a moving van.

BryCo. Interiors is a heart-centered business with a focus on relationship building. They value investing in their growth, both personally and professionally so they can offer their best selves to the people they connect with.

With an emphasis on mental health, Jami has created a positive work environment and company culture where everyone is working within their individual strengths so they truly love what they do. This mindset pours into all of the projects they commit to. Although Jami is the visionary, her husband Brad is their integrator and he keeps everything running like a well-oiled machine. With their systems and processes in place, mixed with their creativity and kind communication, they are dedicated to delivering a great client experience every step of the way.

From the very beginning of the episode, our conversation is very open and honest as Jami shares her life and career journey, along with her experience of overcoming PTSD, her life as a single mom, and a determined career woman. I absolutely loved hearing her thoughts on learning to say NO to people, because as Jami says “when you say yes to one thing you’re ultimately saying no to something else” because it really isn’t feasible to say yes to everything.

Jami also shares how she runs her business and how she is dedicated to working only with “kind clients” as this ensures a more enjoyable working experience not only for herself but also for the clients as there will ultimately be less friction.

I connected with Jami when she took my Power of Process course the very first time I offered it, since then she’s been an active member of our open design community and then took the chance to include me further in her business journey by joining my inner circle coaching membership, Designers Room. Jami shares how Power of Process and Designers Room have been instrumental in helping her make concise decisions in her business. She went from offering all sorts of services to refining it down to 1 core offering and successfully growing her business. (This is music to my ears!)

Dive into the entire episode because you won’t want to miss one second of this one.

Get to know who you are. Figure out who you are as a person and that will completely change your life.

Jami Sparling 

You can find Jami on Instagram @Bryco.Interiors and on her website at