In episode 103, I had the opportunity to interview another amazing designer and beloved POP Alumnus, Laurie Sprague. Laurie’s story is really unique in that she shares her experience moving from Newfoundland and leaving her established design business behind to starting over from scratch in a new city! Laurie has a really great perspective – instead of seeing her move as a setback, she saw it as an opportunity to clean her slate and establish a new process that worked for her new life. 

About Laurie Sprague

Laurie Sprague is the president and principal of Sprague Interiors Inc, a boutique interior decorating and design firm that creates homes for happy living. Laurie’s mission is to create beautiful spaces while also providing her customers with an exciting, stress-free experience. Sprague Interiors specializes in residential renovations and is based in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Throughout the episode, Laurie talks about her decision to move and how it all worked during the pandemic. She also shares her experience in Power of Process and how she took what she learned and applied it to her new business. Laurie currently has a thriving business and a team of two designers working for her which is amazing! 

During our chat, I was reminded that process isn’t set in stone and there is no one-size-fits-all. Our processes are constantly evolving.

If you’re interested in what it looks like to relocate, you’ll find this episode incredibly informative and motivating. 

Always charge for your time, Always charge for your consultation even if it’s a smaller value. I always charge for my time right from day one. Or else people will devalue you and not really take you seriously. Plus you’re worth it. You have to have the confidence to put yourself out there.

Laurie Sprague

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