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When it’s quiet, our thoughts get louder, and we hear a voice in our head, subconsciously pushing us to do that next big thing, and take that next bold step. It beckons so we don’t dismiss that idea because it is in our nature to overlook so many things.  When we listen to our heart and ignore the opinions of others, we can launch ourselves onto an entirely new and unexpected path. 

Sometimes that voice tells you, “Why not start a podcast” and voila, the world goes to a standstill, and the idea doesn’t seem so bizarre after all, so you listen—you start that podcast. 

The world goes into a lockdown, and there you have it, a blessing in disguise. You show up, you push, and progressively, day after day, episode after episode, before you know it you are three years into hosting your podcast! 100k downloads and 157 episodes later, it dawns on you that it has been one friggin fantastic journey!!!

When I recorded my first episode in 2020, I mentioned how Resilient by Design is not just a business podcast but a space for growth and inspiration; seeing how other podcasts like ‘A well-designed business’, ‘The Rachel Hollis Podcast’, ‘How I built this’ had inspired me and had a massive influence in my life, I decided to take the plunge!

 From recording in the four corners of my son’s room to taking steps to the stage at RESACON next month! This will be my first time speaking on a stage since 2020, and I am freakin’ excited about the opportunity!

Now let’s get into the juicy part, how my podcasting journey has been, the ups, downs, and everything in between!!!


How It Started

An Image of Rebecca and Tiffany
Photoshoot for Boardroom and Barbies with Tiffany!

Initially, the plan was to co-host with my husband. We strategized and purchased recording gadgets, but somewhere between trying to get my work done and getting his done, we could never find time to make it work. 

I was determined to make it work so bad; I had no excuse. The equipment, resources, and time were there, so I needed to find a way to make it work. I proceeded to share the idea with my friend Tiffany, and we decided to start our podcast!

 The podcast was going to be called Boardrooms and Barbies. Tiffany is an intrapreneur, and I am an entrepreneur, so the rationale behind the podcast was to hash out the differences between the two and share how balancing our careers while being a mom was playing out. We had a photoshoot and recorded some episodes but couldn’t coordinate our schedules.

I am pretty impatient as an entrepreneur—when I start something, I don’t want to stop. I keep on pushing and seeing it through regardless of what might be happening. So that didn’t work out, but in the words of Oprah, “Failure is another stepping stone to greatness.” 

I realized trying to get someone to cohost with would be challenging. After much back and forth, I finally decided to go solo. I didn’t have it all figured out, but I knew everything would work out with time, so I just started recording in my daughter’s nursery (the best acoustics were here).

And so, five months into the pandemic, there I was recording my very first episode,My Indirect Path to Interior Design.’

Podcast episode recording session

The Best Part of Hosting Resilent By Design

 I immediately LOVED sharing all the things I have learned while growing my interior design business. I loved hearing from listeners about how my podcast was helping them. But what I nerve expected to love was getting to talk to all the amazing guests!

I have been privileged to talk with guests from all walks of life, and from all around the world; I’ve met people I never thought I would. I must say, it has been fascinating!

Hosting Resilient by Design has helped me lock down my processes, paved the path to my long-term goals, and opened so many doors. 

The Challenges

Image of Rebecca recording podcast in the kids room

We don’t learn these things in school; the dos and don’ts—at least, I didn’t. Starting my podcast was challenging in the beginning because I was scared of getting it wrong, hence, it made me overthink, and that got overwhelming. 

My kids were also attending  online school in the other room and constantly coming in to see what mommy was up to.

 I’ve also learned a lot about interviewing! Learning to listen more than I talk has been a great life lesson. And let’s face it, some guests are less comfortable than others, and it often takes some creative questioning on my end to get them out of their shells.

This has been another learning curve, though. I now know how to think on the spot and ask the right questions; still a work in progress, but you already know what I’m going to say next, progress over perfection!!!!!

Podcast Highlights and Next Steps

I will always pat myself on the back for taking the bold step, and I am beyond grateful to my spectacular team, who have gone all out for me week after week. 

I always get asked which episodes are my favorite, and it’s so frickin’ hard to pick, but here are a few of the most downloaded episodes that I think are jam-packed with knowledge and inspiration.

Episode 15

Every Business Needs a Solid Process

Episode 101

It doesn’t have to be perfect; it just has to start. The biggest 12-month business transformation with Jocelyn Polce 

Episode 136

How to combat scarcity mentality in a slow economy with Adrian Ramsey

Episode 96

Know your Numbers | Part 1 – Understanding Project Profitability with Merilee Wright

Episode 133

Busting the myths behind full-service design – A Designer Meet-up Panel


What’s Next For The Podcast?

A few short & long term goals for resilient by design:

  1. Finally, get my own Podcast Studio!! It would be nice to transform the gym room at my studio; it’s basically a dumping ground for my husband’s gym equipment.
  2. Grow our podcast sponsorship if you are reading this; I await your call; let’s get the ball rolling!
  3. Host live podcast recordings around the world 
  4. Turn the podcast into a TV show someday. I’d love to Interview high-profile guests like Joanna Gaines, Shae Mcgee, Amber Lewis, and someday…OPRAH!!!

Final Nuggets!

None of this would be possible without my loyal listeners. The designers, decorators and stagers who listen and download week after week. I am beyond grateful for all of YOU!

Reflecting on the incredible journey that my podcast has taken over the past three years, I am basking in a profound sense of gratitude and awe. What began as a simple idea, a flicker of passion has blossomed into a radiant flame that illuminates the lives of countless listeners around the globe. It is a testament to the power of dreams, the unwavering belief in ourselves, and the extraordinary possibilities within each of us.

I will tell you this—start it, whatever you have had in mind. Listen to that voice telling you to execute that idea, start it without knowing what you want, start it unsure of the outcome, start it afraid, JUST START!


Designer room group photo, Resilient by Design podcast banner