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Unlock your profit-earning potential



Are you anxious about the financial future of your business?

In this full-day training, you’ll work with me to dive into the important numbers you need to know inside your business. We will help you uncover what it costs to run your business, the profitability of your projects, understand your sales, and forecast the future of your business.

What you can expect to learn:

  • How to improve your money mindset
  • What it costs to run your business
  • What types of expenses you have (yearly & monthly)
  • How to determine your profit margin on goods
  • If you need to charge more for your services to meet your financial and business goals
  • How to forecast the finances in your business
  • “What if” scenarios to help you better understand when and how you should hire for your business
VIP Day is for you if…
  1. You feel like you’re running your business well, but could make more money without spinning your wheels
  2. You’re still trying to find your footing and need some help learning which numbers are key to building and growing a business
  3. You’re running a successful business but don’t know when, how, and if you can hire or scale your business

You will walk away with the knowledge of how to analyze your business and the confidence to build and grow.

This LIVE event also includes:

  • Access to the recorded training with an extended 6-month replay

Your Host

Rebecca Hay, CEO of Rebecca Hay Designs, Podcast Host & Business coach.

Rebecca Hay is the CEO of Rebecca Hay Designs, international speaker,  podcast host, and business coach. She teaches interior designers who want to attract and serve their ideal clients with greater ease and efficiency so they can have more entrepreneurial freedom – time, money, and creativity. Rebecca believes in collaboration over competition and that given the right tools any designer can achieve success.

& Special Guest Speakers

Andrea Freeman

Andrea believes that transforming your life is the access to transforming your business.  As a mindful business coach and peak performance planner, she works with creative entrepreneurs to support them in their evolution. She operates from the foundational principle that businesses develop alongside the individuals who run them.  Meaning the higher your consciousness the greater the impact you make in the world.  It’s her personal joy to work with business owners to help them align with who they are at their core – with their unique personal gifts and unstoppable power.  

Merilee Wright

Merilee is a former client of Rebecca’s and an accomplished business professional with a passion for coaching people and business owners to achieve their goals.
Skilled in reaching business objectives through alignment of business operations and employee and customer experience, Merilee has a reputation for making an impact. With over 30 years of increasingly senior roles in the consumer services, financial services, and retail industries, Merilee has a breadth of experience that includes strategy development, business operations, customer experience, coaching, and change management. 


Unlock your profit-earning potential

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