In this episode, we bring back a familiar voice from season 2 of the podcast, Steve Ryan!

Steve is not only a designer, stager, and POP alumni, but he is also a vocal contributor in our designer meet-up community on Facebook, jumping in to provide feedback and helping other designers in our community which just warms my heart!

About Steve Ryan
Steve Ryan of Steve Ryan Designs.  I’m a Toronto-based Home Stager and Designer working in the GTA since 2016. I frequently collaborate on staging projects with Details Staging & Design. I’m a graduate of the Interior Decorating program at George Brown College and an OG member of Rebecca Hays’ Power of Process.

In this episode, Steve and I dive into the differences that we both have seen between men and women in the design industry. We focus on entrepreneurs and how from our experiences there is such a difference of mindset between men and women. Steve shares his observations about the difference between how men and women respond to situations.

During the second part of our chat, we talk about money mindset, and how that really affects your business. I share my personal mindset journey when it comes to money, where I am right now, and the exercises that have gotten me there.

You are the trade. The client is the client. They are NOT entitled to your trade discounts. You shouldn’t share them, you shouldn’t pass it on to them. The trade discount is for you. You are the trade! It is basically a commission that the vendor is giving you because you acted as an unpaid salesperson for their company. So stop thinking of it as a discount, and start thinking of it as a commission, because a commission is earned. You earned it, and you’re entitled to every penny.

Steven Ryan

You can find Steven at and on Instagram at @steveryandesigns.