Interview with Karin Bennett

This episode is extra special because I had the opportunity to have a very real and honest conversation with Karin Bennett of Karin Bennett Designs here in Toronto. We spoke earnestly about all things business, from her time on television working with the Property Brothers, to business financials and her minimum for projects, and her experience firing a CLIENT – we covered it all!

Karin Bennett is the owner and principal designer at Karin Bennett Designs, a Toronto-based interior design firm. Karin grew up with parents that are modern-day House Flippers. Her mom was a designer and realtor who loved to fix up homes and move on to the next challenge so renovating and designing homes is in Karin’s blood. Karin was chosen to be the design lead to work alongside Jonathan & Drew Scott for a few seasons of their hit show, Property Brothers as well as their new shows Buying & Selling and Forever Home.
Karin Bennett Designs is a full-service design firm specializing in large-scale remodels and new builds. We believe in designing a home that is both functional and stylish. We want each homeowner we work with to have a home they love and reflects their lifestyle. At Karin Bennett Designs, we always say we want you to Love The Space You Live In.

Through the episode, Karin and I talk about her previous career as a massage therapist and how she switched gears into the interior design industry. Karin believes that you should follow opportunities as they arise, follow the processes to learn about them, and once you have all of the details, then decide if it’s something that lights you up. Her opportunity working with the Property Brothers came as one of those opportunities that seem unlikely and one with a long process, but because she followed the opportunity through, she has been able to work on television for many years on various shows. There is a benefit to every opportunity, and it’s all about your vision for your business and where each opportunity fits in your plan.

Karin speaks about her time in television and her main takeaways – positive and negative – that she has applied to run her business. She further talks about the importance of having a process in your business, and how vital it is to stick to it with every SINGLE client.

Karin’s Words of Wisdom: 

  • Go with your gut and develop a good process.
  • Don’t think you have to charge the minimal amount because you’re starting out.

You can find Karin Bennett at,  and on Instagram @karinbennettdesigns , and on Facebook at Karin Bennett Designs.