In this episode I share 5 things that I think have truly improved our ability to offer a good project management experience. Since our design firm is full-service, we are there for our clients from start to finish, from concept development to design implementation.

I’m not by any means saying that we’ve perfected this portion of our process, but overtime we’ve learned from our mistakes and instead of being reactionary, we try to be preventative in our project management. Let’s face it, no project is perfect no matter how much you plan things out, things drag on, one mistake or issue pops up after another, and our clients start to get frustrated because a project is just not finishing.

When you offer full-service, the project management ends up being the biggest part of the project, and our job when we’re hired to implement is to keep everyone happy – the client, the trades and our own team.

There are lots of little things that we do on a regular basis on a project basis that I think make our project management experience better. But we’re still learning. We’re still growing and we still have a lot of opportunity to learn. But in this episode, I share with you, the five things that I think have dramatically helped improve our experience for our customers and ourselves.

5 things that have helped:

  1. Having 1 project lead who owns the project
  2. Having a clearly defined process
  3. Have a full, completed design package before we start construction
  4. Place all of the orders a minimum of 2 weeks before demolition begins
  5. We have a flat fee structure

BONUS: We give our clients a proper TV-like reveal

By making these changes the project management experience that we are able to offer has improved and we feel a lot better of the experience we’re offering our clients.

I’d love to hear what you think of the 5 things that I shared in this episode today. In full transparency, what works for me, might not work for you, but I hope my knowledge and experience gives you inspiration and ideas for what you can do to improve your project management experience for yourself and your clients.

Let me know what you do to ensure a seamless process in the comments below! #collaborationNOTcompetition