This episode is a special one because I’m sharing my students’ love notes and success stories in honour of enrollment closing tonight (March 11, 2021) at midnight EST.

I had my first Power of Process students in the fall, and at the end of our journey together I asked them to share their thoughts and how the course impacted their businesses. Let me just say, the feedback was OVERWHELMINGLY AMAZING!

As creatives, we often think that we don’t need a structure that we just need free flow to create, but in truth, you need to be organized and have systems in place to actually find time to become inspired and create. If you’re too busy trying to run every aspect of your business, when do you actually get to do the things you enjoy? I wanted to share my students’ love notes to help you understand how developing a unique process in your business will help you elevate your business, free your time, and up-level the experience you provide to your clients (and to your team if you have one).

Once you have a process, even a rough outline, you need to test it out! You need to use it and get feedback on what works and what doesn’t and use that to build on your process.

Let me be honest, when you start working on your process, it WON’T be perfect. It CAN’T be perfect, because you don’t know how your ideal client, team, or trades are going to react. Depending on the industry dynamics in your area or the types of people you work with, you will need to change and customize it as you receive feedback. Every comment you collect, good or bad, will get your process one step closer to perfect. As you continue to grow, you will continue to build.

Listen to the entire episode and try to find one of my students who has a similar story to you, and see what they say about Power of Process. If you’re on the fence, maybe it’ll help you take the leap.