Interview – the Rebecca Hay Designs team

This episode is an incredibly special one because I interviewed the designers on my team. I asked my team to join me and have a transparent and candid conversation about the Rebecca Hay Designs process. & Wow did I get major insight!

It was an incredible privilege to have Alyssa Griffith, Rebecca Weatherall, and Claudia Lopes talk about what it’s like working in our design firm with our current process. Since Alyssa & Rebecca W have been with me for a while, they know what it was like in the early years of my business – and how I used to run projects (hint: it was chaotic!) To contrast it, Claudia, who was only ever introduced to our current process presents a fresh perspective on how it feels to adapt your work style to a company’s process.

Through the conversation, we candidly talk about how the early years of our business shaped where we are now, the value of time blocking, and go into detail about which parts of our process help each person with their role in the company – and with clients!

This episode was incredibly eye-opening for me since we don’t get many chances to be candid and transparent as a team. It really brought things to perspective! It’s wonderful to have a team that does see the value in following a process and bettering it with feedback. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

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