Interview – Bryan Kaplan

Today’s episode is a treat because I’m welcoming back Bryan Kaplan, from Construction Consulting Co,  to talk all about working with trades.

Bryan is the contractor coach and Guru and has years of experience working with designers on both sides of the fence. Having worked for high-end construction as well as for design firms, he lends a unique perspective to bridge the communication gap between trades and designers.

Within the design community, more often than not there is tension between designers and trades during a project. In this episode, Bryan and I talk about all the ways you can ease the friction between designers and their trades.

We all know that working with trades, whether they be contractors, builders, wallpaper installers, etc, is essential to running a design business. And that’s whether we like it or not. Your ability to work well with your trades will make or break your enjoyment and even your client’s experience of a project.

Listen to the podcast until the end to find out a special surprise that’s coming next week!

If you want to get in touch with Bryan, you can find him on Instagram at