Ever thought of expanding your home staging business also to include design services? My guest did just that and we dive into all the details in this episode!

Joké Durojaiye has been in many different careers and always found herself back in the design space; currently, she’s running her own home staging business in Seattle and has recently answered the call many of her clients have had by adding design services to her business! 

Joké shares the ethos behind her work, why she seeks to create stories and emotional connections for clients, and how she’s applied her mindset of continued growth to her business. She discusses the impact POP has had – from giving her clarity to guiding her through her first client – why she focuses on diversifying and organic processes as well as the plans she has for her company’s future.

Her advice will resonate with all listeners, especially those looking for the confidence to pivot and evolve their offerings.


This episode is sponsored by Devix Kitchens