Buckle up folks because I’ve got a big announcement for you! If you’ve been feeling, like me, that you are doing anything and everything and still can’t keep up, then take a listen to this episode.

I’m sharing a story of how being deflated by early failure eventually turned into a swath of offerings like courses, groups, events, memberships and of course, this very podcast. Recently, after taking a deep look at my natural strengths, I audited what is and isn’t working in my business and have some huge news that you are not going to want to miss.

I hope this story and update is encouraging to anyone who feels they are floundering and in danger of losing their intuition and dampening their skills by “doing it all”. This news will be a support to all designers, regardless of where they are in their business journey. Get excited for 2024!

Episode Highlights

  1. Rebecca finally shares her big announcement about changes in her coaching business.
  2. She explains that she reflected on the direction of her coaching and decided to focus on her unique abilities and core strengths, such as bringing people together and developing curriculum.
  3. She shares the story of starting a designer meet up and her desire to expand her circle of designer connections.
  4. She discusses her vision for creating a safe and inclusive online community called “Designers Room” for design firm owners, decorators, architects, and others to connect, learn, and grow.
  5. Rebecca ends by sharing the new membership benefits, including a vault of recorded trainings, live Q&A sessions, a Facebook group for community connection, and a future private member’s only podcast.

This episode is sponsored by Devix Kitchens