Today I speak with Jacinthe Koddo, a Fractional CFO and Financial Literacy Educator about her mission to help demystify the financial world for creative entrepreneurs.

She shares her career path (from interior designer to financial guru!), the mistakes she’s learned from and the one thing she wants business owners to stop doing to gain control and understanding of their finances. She discusses the differences between management accounting vs financial accounting, some tips and advice for interior designers specifically and the “aha” moment that helped shape her financial perspective.

About Jacinthe

Jacinthe Koddo is a Canada-based Fractional CFO and Financial Literacy Educator. As an Interior Designer turned serial business owner with six businesses started, four failures, and two growing successes, Jacinthe has learned the hard way about the ins-and-outs of small business finance since 2009. She is now on a mission to increase financial literacy for freelancers and creative firm and agency owners, by shedding light onto the black hole biz finances – from pricing profitably, to boosting cashflow and tackling tax time – so they can scale profitably and sleep better at night.