Today I’m tackling all things website wording with copywriter and messaging strategist Masha Koyen.

This episode is packed with advice and insights into what you can do to level up your website copy to showcase your value, inject your personality, and attract your ideal client. Masha shares the wisdom in hiring an expert, tips for getting better testimonials, and a few incredible final nuggets of wisdom so be sure to stick around until the end.

About Masha

Masha Koyen is a Messaging Strategist and Copywriter, as well as the founder of Content Vertical. Her boutique copywriting agency specializes in serving interior designers and design and build firms, enabling them to elevate their brand and attract their ideal, dream clients. With a primary focus on website copy, Masha has honed her expertise and developed her signature REVEAL framework. This unique approach combines meticulous research, insightful client interviews, and expert data mining to craft strategic website messaging that truly connects and engages with the target audience.

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