This week I talk with a recent alum of Power of Process, Anna-Ruth Rutgers, about starting her new interior design business.

We talk about pivoting to a second career, how POP helped break down barriers and the mantras she follows in life and in business. She has terrific thoughts around collaboration over competition with some real life stories of the power of community building and accurately valuing your services. If you’ve been thinking about joining POP and need that extra bit of motivation, this episode is for you!

About Anna-Ruth

Anna-Ruth originates from the picturesque Caribbean island of St. Vincent. In 1989, she departed her homeland to embark on her educational journey, specializing as a Programmer/System Analyst. While her professional pursuits may lie in the realm of technology, Anna-Ruth’s true essence resides in her innate creativity. She passionately explores the world of mixed-media abstract painting, occasionally gracing local boutiques as a model in her city. Simultaneously, she diligently constructs a solid groundwork for her budding enterprise, Dare Interiors, which is poised to make a mark in the realm of modern, innovative interior design on the principles of POP.

Find Anna-Ruth Rutgers and Dare Interiors here