In this episode, I chat with Jamie Van Cuyk all about hiring. We dive into why you need to hire to scale your business at any level, how you can prepare to interview the right candidates, the distinction between salary, contract, and freelance, and what you need to have in place to successfully onboard someone into your team.

If you’re looking to hire but haven’t before, have hired but it hasn’t worked out or you have a team and are looking for ways to better that process this is the episode you need to listen to!

About Jamie

Jamie Van Cuyk, the owner and lead strategist of Growing Your Team, helps women small business owners become confident leaders who hire right every single time.

Drawing from over 15 years of leadership experience, Jamie teaches her clients how to master the art of hiring. By learning the dynamics of each company and its specific needs, she helps them find their perfect-fit, long-lasting team members and avoid the hiring and firing cycle.

On a personal side, Jamie lives in St Petersburg, FL, with her husband and two daughters, is a hobby winemaker, loves to travel, and enjoys exercise that takes her feet off the ground, including rock climbing and aerial dance.

Just because someone is good at what they do does not mean they’re right for you.

Jamie Van Cuyk

You can connect with Jamie at or on Instagram @growingyourteam.

You can also grab her free hiring checklist resource here.