In this episode, I sat down with TV reporter turned designer and POP Alumni, Shirlee Engel. We chatted about her transition into her second career and about her journey to running her own interior design business.

This episode will resonate with you if you are someone who wants or has just recently left a previous career to run their own interior design business.

About Shirlee

Shirlee Engel is the founder and principal designer of Shirlee Interiors in Ottawa, Canada. Shirlee is the daughter of an architect and realtor who specializes in high-end homes with artistic flair. She has always had an eye and appreciation for great interior design.

Over two decades as a television journalist and communications strategist, family and friends often sought Shirlee’s design and decor advice. Little did she know where it would lead her.

Through the episode, Shirlee openly shares how she left a very comfortable and successful career as a tv reporter with Global News after 15 years and is now beginning to grow her design business. She is currently in the stage of her business where she’s finding ways to get income to pay the bills and be profitable. 

Shirlee also shares what has made her transition possible and easier, and the resources she’s found along the way. 


Believe in yourself because if you don’t no one else will. Yes, you can have imposter syndrome and if you’re in your business and not feeling it anymore just believe there’s a better way and be open to that.

Get out of your own way. I can’t tell you how many times I build up in my head how overwhelmed I am. and when I just stop and sit down and do it it gets done.

Shirlee Engel


You can connect with Shirlee on Instagram @designedbyshirlee or on her website at