If you want to automate your business a little and are looking for a program to help you with your operations and managing your processes, this episode is for you!

About Charlotte

Charlotte Isaac is a Business Operations Consultant who gave up her role as a corporate ops manager inside of a creative agency so that she could serve small business owners who love their people just as much as she does hers. Through her signature program, Ease Seekers Society, and her DIY Dubsado shop, Charlotte helps overwhelmed and overworked entrepreneurs build customized solutions so they can serve their clients better, automate busywork, and feel confident in their business. Blessed with a travel bug herself, Charlotte leads by example, having designed her own business in a way that allows plenty of space to enjoy life with her husband, both in their hometown of Sydney, Australia, and around the world.

Charlotte and I chat about a program called Dubsado that I’ve used to automize my interior design business. I’ve used Dubsado for the past 4 years as an incredible tool to help with client onboarding, tracking the progress on projects, sending contracts and so much more. 

Charlotte shares how she uses Dubsado as a way to keep her accountable for all the little things that tend to slip through the cracks like following up with leads and on proposals. We chat about the power and time savings of having canned and automated emails. With these, you can deliver the same messaging to every single client the same way, and keep up with clients after the fact with birthday emails and more.  We also talk about how automating your processes means that YOU don’t have to be the only one responsible for every single small task. 

In the episode, Charlotte shares her Free 7 Steps to Automation course so that you can set up your systems and save time. This comprehensive course includes video lessons, exercises for listeners to work through on their own, and templates to tick off all the key items in a Dubsado setup. Join the free course here.

Remember that you get to make your own rules. And if you make your own rules in a very intentional way, nothing can really go wrong.

We can learn from other people, listen to podcasts and read books, but at the end of the day no one is telling us this is how we HAVE to work with our clients, these are the hours we have to show up, these are the boundaries we have to set, you can do whatever you like and whatever feels good to you in business. And if you do it with intention and do things well thought out, chances are you’re going to end up in a really good place.

Charlotte Isaac

You can find and connect with Charlotte at charlotteisaac.com and on Instagram @charlotteisaachq.