In this episode, I’m sharing my 5 tips for getting your clients to sign off on your designs! I’ll also share a bonus nugget which is basically how we do it in my own design firm.

Once you establish a way of doing things inside your business, it gives you more confidence to sell your services and designs and inspires clients to have confidence in you.

But I totally understand that getting clients to sign off on every single bit of your design can be a complicated process when you’re starting out or don’t set expectations from the beginning. 

My basic 5 tips to get clients to sign off are: 
  1. Set expectations early & often
  2. Always present in person
  3. Run a great presentation with samples to have clients touch and feel items (fabrics, tiles, etc)
  4. Be clear and firm about the revisions period
  5. Have a system in place to get their actual signature on your package (ie. DocuSign)

These are just some tips and tricks that have worked in my business and with my process. I would love to hear what you do that helps clients sign off on your designs, or what struggles you face during this part of your design process. Join the Designer Meet-up Facebook group and let’s have a conversation!